My current work in furniture and sculpture explores surprising uses of found and recycled materials.  I am interested in how the traditional use of a given product or process can be subverted while still maintaining a functional piece of design.  Materials that at first may seem inappropriate in their place are found by the viewer, when they interact with the work, to be perfectly adequate to their given task.  Materials may also turn out not to be what they initially seem; their original nature or purpose obscured by unexpected context.

This interest in recycled material and its context also extends to my collaborative work.  My wife and artistic partner Molly Jo Burke and I use discarded and excess materials from our individual practices, urban environment, and lives as parents of two young children to create sculptures and wall pieces that reference landscape, biological systems, mechanical reproduction, and domestic material culture.  This recycling allows us to make our art economically and sustainably, and provides a meta-commentary on destructive habits of consumerism and resource extraction.

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